Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I’m starting this with a disclaimer. I’m not a great writer, probably only average, even though I basically write for a living. Grammar and punctuation routinely confuse me, not to mention spelling. This blog is where that doesn’t matter, and I can punctuate as I damn well please. I highly recommend any nitpickers to leave now. This blog is not work. This blog is probably pretty plain Jane now. Maybe I’ll dress it up in the future if I figure out how. I looked down in that picture because I'm embarassed. I'll change it when I get over it.
I’m not very computer literate, even though I use a computer to make a living. I feel like I’m faking it most of the time… on the verge of screwing everything up in a big way. I basically don’t think I’ll even know how to do this blog thing, but I’ll try anyway. I usually do.
I’m a translator. I transform Italian into English, and write about a myriad of bizarre things that I definitely never thought I would have any insight into, from automated robots to odor-eating toilet paper, from divorce petitions to other people’s poetry.
I’m starting this blog and calling it the verge because that’s where I am. I am on the verge, and thought this would be the way to keep track of this verge, and the next verge and the next. I start every workday sitting in front of this computer, so I figure keeping track here is the best bet, since I am not consistent. I’m erratic. I’m pretty organized, but usually on the verge of chaos. I’m a BAD typist, so I adore my speech recognition software, which means that sometimes the word ART comes out as FART, and even worse.
The biggest verge that I’m facing lately is moving from northern Italy, where I’ve lived for the past 15 years, to Breckenridge, Colorado. That wouldn’t mean so much if my family, dog in tow, weren’t included in the move. That means two kids on the verge of changing schools, friends, basketball teams, LANGUAGES; one husband changing jobs, food (this is a big challenge for Italians, believe me!), LANGUAGES; me changing cultures (can’t wait, the Italian thing has grown stale big time), habits (can’t wait, in Colorado, not only can I still work in my PJ’s, but I can go to the grocery store in them, too), TV (can’t wait, I can finally watch American trash again), friends (what friends?), time zones (can’t wait, my Italian clients will be asleep by lunchtime in Colorado, which means no more 8pm crisis calls), the SKY (what you will miss when you leave the West for any other part of the world).

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Jenn in Holland said...

To the store in pajamas! Let's hear it for sloppy stateside living!
That line made me laugh out loud.
Others in this post made me cringe. Mostly because I identify too fully.
So glad you decided to blog.