Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last night

Last night after returning from my younger son's soccer game:

Jonah (my older son): Sei brava!

My husband: Jonah just said you're brava!

Me: Oh wow... thanks! What did I do?

Jonah: You remembered to buy cereal! Brava!!

Yet more proof of my pathological aversion to the supermarket, and my adorable family's unconditional love for me, giving credit where credit is due.


sognatrice said...

Hey, you have to take compliments where you find them ;)

I found your place through Jennifer's Italian Trivia, and I'm looking forward to reading about another Italian expat :)

Jennifer said...

If you really a Gemini, I think we need to meet. Email me and I will reveal my location.

zeva said...

i found your blog through Jennifer's Italian Trivia too and can i say- kudos to you! love your blog. and i'm very curious to hear how your move back to USA goes. i've been in rome for the past 10 years and recently i've been thinking about heading back to the east coast because rome's getting on my nerves and i'm tired of having to work so hard to get so little here (i translate too). soooo, keep it coming!!!