Monday, May 7, 2007

My work today... and being alone

My work today included:
A gushing garish marketing text about handmade rugs. These rugs were downright spiritual, with descriptions like “A herring bone pattern runs across the surface, narrating man's ability to render the earth fertile” and “Signs that evoke an ancient and unknown language. A game of chess between shape and color” and finally “A far reaching path through time and far away places”. Barf

A Power Point presentation to rev up corporate managers.

A description of the numerous different strata being excavated beneath a cathedral in a Lombardy town, right down to the Etruscan tombs at the bottom.

My work is one of the benefits of being bilingual, and of liking my own company. People regularly ask me how I can stand to be alone all the time, and I have no clue what there are talking about. Really. These are the same people who don’t believe in eating or going to the movies alone. I prefer to work, walk, shop, drive, go to the bookstore, travel and everything else alone. Not that I don’t do all of these things with others sometimes, but I usually feel tired afterwards. Like I then need to be ALONE.

I married a man who loves to be alone. We met when he was traveling (alone) through Mexico. He was sitting (alone) on a bench and I (alone) asked him for a match. Our mutual aloneness seems to fit together well. When we’re not going somewhere or doing something alone, we do it together, his being the only company I can stand for extended periods of time, and mine being the same for him. We are alone together, a weird kind of symbiotic unit that has found a frequency of aloneness that works.

Early in our marriage, I wondered if our mutual aloneness would become a hinderance to having a life. I mean, weren't we supposed to have a bunch of friends and be social all the time? Weren't we suppsed to get a sitter for the kids and go out with the other parents who got a sitter? Weren't we going to wind up isolated and hating each other soon?

We're celebrating our fourteenth anniversary this month. That's not a record, but for a person like me, who never thought I would spend fourteen days with the same person, much less fourteen years, it definitely is.

We'll be celebrating alone.

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