Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My work today... and men with hammers

My work today was another enlightening journey writing about something that I knew nothing about... tar sprayers. But believe me, I now know more than you will ever want to know about them. There he is, a tar sprayer...

And believe me, his job really stinks! Literally and figuratively.

Then again, I've alway had a thing for men that can actually do something. Make something. I come from a family of brainiacs who rarely actually make anything, if you don't count money. I could probably be counted in this category if not for my paintings, and the fact that I defnitely don't make much money.

Then there's my husband..

This guy can make and do anything. We never have to call the plumber, mechanic, electrician, painter, landscaper, tile layer, cook (yes, I definitely said cook). I think my eternal attraction to him must stem from some hidden away Neanderthal gene tucked away in my DNA. You know, when it was the MAN who had to go out and kill the mammoth for supper and defend the family from marauding sabertooth tigers.

My husband's favorite film is Jeremiah Johnson! That's him up there with the BIG GUN!

I sometimes wonder what all of this makes me...

Could it be that at the primal heart of every hot-blooded woman, there's a reason for that strange, unnerving, throbbing attraction for construction workers, plumbers and tar spayers?

Maybe all we really want is to get back to our roots... into the beefy arms (or comfortable cave) of this guy:


Nordette Adams said...

Hi, Jennifer. It looks like your husband's doing precision work there. :-)

I'm so sorry, but I tagged you in the 8 random things about you meme and didn't realize that you'd just done a different meme earlier this month. Here's the link: 8 random things. I hope you'll participate.

jennifer said...

Hi Nordette-
It's an honor. Your blog is one of my favorites - always gets me thinking. I'll get on that meme thing!

Jennifer said...

I love being married to a man who can do that kind of work around the house. My father was the same way.

But ewwwww! That last picture was gross. And funny.