Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the verge of anxiety

One of the downsides of my work is deadlines. I’m always working on a deadline, and usually more than one. This morning I shouldn’t even be writing this, as I have multiple deadlines coming up, and am behind on them all.

This article certainly did nothing to relieve my deadline anxiety:

The Karolinska Institute researchers gave participants questionnaires which asked people about work stress (and also stress at home). They found that deadlines had a significant impact on heart attack risk. Other work factors were competition and conflict. If a man had experienced a workplace conflict his chances of having a heart attack during the following 12 months went up by 80%. The more a male felt emotionally affected by the conflict, the higher his heart attack risk was. What increases a woman's heart attack risk the most is a significant change in her financial situation - in many cases the risk went up three-fold. If a man or woman is given more responsibilities at work, especially if he/she sees this new situation in a negative way, his heart attack risk can go up six fold while hers can go up three fold. 8% of the people who took part in the study and had had a heart attack, said they had experienced a stressful event at work within 24 hours prior to their attack. People who had experienced a stressful event not related to work experienced a much smaller increased risk of heart attack (than those whose stressful event was work related). It seems, say the researchers, deadlines can increase your risk six fold - being in a competitive situation can double your chances of having a heart attack.

Then there are the even bigger deadlines in my life looming, literally LOOMING, around the corner, like packing up a home, fifteen years of marriage, two boys, the dog and my perfume collection into eight suitcases and moving to another continent.

But then I take a deep breath and remind myself where I’m going…

OK. I can handle this.


Jennifer said...

Actually, I think we might be the same person. This post could be about me.

I just found you and now you're moving away? Traitor.

jennifer said...

Funny, huh... you may even be in the next valley over, right behind that cow over there.

byjane said...

Just read through your blog--what we [who used to be] in the English Lit biz call your corpus. Maybe that's Italian for something; definitely it's Latin. Whatever, I enjoyed, laughed, smiled, nodded and put you on my Google reader.

jennifer said...

Thanks Jane
In Italian, we say "corpo", which is literally "body", of a person, a blog, and in the most poetic sense, to describe the flavor of wine.