Wednesday, May 9, 2007

On the verge of domestic chaos and starving children

I can't remember to go to the supermarket. I hate going there and so I subconciously black it out. Not a good idea with three men and a man-dog at home.

And when I do remember to go, one foot in the door and I'm overwhelmed by the dizzying array of aisles and stuff. Stuff that I need. Stuff that we're out of.

So I make lists. Go to the grocery store with a list - I say to myself. That way you won't draw a blank after the first millisecond.

But... I forget the list! Where the hell is the list? Wait... there it is in my back pocket, Shit- that's last week's list that I couldn't find! This is when I usually turn around and leave.

So this morning, I cleaned out my pockets, and here's what I found:

Pathetic- I never managed to make it to the supermarket with even one of those.

I didn't used to be like this, did I? My family must really love my other talents, because grocery shopping is not one of them!

Sometimes I find someone else's list in the shopping cart... that's better than nothing.

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Jenn in Holland said...

You know what I just found? The supermarket here DELIVERS. I know that sounds decadent and so very expat spoiled, but I have to admit I am so tempted to use and overuse the service.
I have the same problem as you in that my brain seems to leak out as soon as I am inside the doors of the store. And trying to maneuver the aisles, keep track of my youngest, AND remember what I came for? Impossible.
Also, for the record, I have no car so I can only shop for what I can carry home on my bike. Which is not a bad thing, but it does make the delivery option so much more enticing. You can get a lot more wine into the cellar that way!