Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I have always relied on the kindness of strangers

This post written by Jenn, and my ensuing comment, got me thinking about this famous line from A Streetcar Named Desire. I put on my best southern drawl and say that to myself when everyone else seems to have their shit so together.

I like to imagine that my lack of practical skills for ordinary life means that the gray matter usually allotted for that stuff has been channeled elsewhere, making me a genius.

Wishful thinking, I know. But it works!


Jenn in Holland said...

Again, you are cracking me up Jennifer.
I just read your comment to my husband, and he too is cracking up!
You are indeed my sister from another mother.

jennifer said...

Well Jenn, I know where MY dad was was 40 years ago... how about you?

Marloes said...

There you go. the term 'genius' keeps popping up, so it must be true.

anno said...

How'd I miss this? This is exactly how I think, too!

My husband, on the other hand (former flyboy), keeps telling me I need better habits.

Well, what does he know?
I'm a genius!