Friday, June 22, 2007

My own personal Marco Polo

Marco Polo leaving Venice

One of the questions people keep asking me is how my husband is taking our upcoming move. Is he nervous? Is he anxious? Is he scared?
And I can only answer, well, no. That better describes me, actually. My husband is so... calm. He's so peaceful. He looks about 10 years younger. Now MacGyver isn't a guy who gets worked up about almost anything, but one would think that something this big would shake even him up. He's moving across the ocean. His parents are elderly and definitely not making things easy. His English isn't that great, and he is heading west with two small children and a dog to tend to. He doesn't have a three-piece suit job waiting for him, and he is going to live in a house that will only be temporary until he can find something else. He's doing all this at 45.

But what these people don't know about my husband is that none of this matters. When my husband met me all those years ago, he was alone and traveling across Mexico and Central America. The year before he had ridden his motorcycle across Spain and down to Morocco, where he spent 6 months. The year after we met we trekked across Nepal and northern India. When I met my husband, he was reading this book:

This is Marco Polo's Il Milione, an account of his travels along the Silk Road. Not only is my husband MacGyver, he is also a modern day Marco Polo. He is one of the only people I know whose wanderlust matches my own. Wanderlust can feel irresponsible and risky when you have children. At times it would be so much easier to put it on the shelf, to wait.

Instead we have passed our wanderlust on to our children, who are seasoned world travelers at their tender ages.

That's my luck in this life. To have my own personal Marco Polo.


Jenn in Holland said...

And so, onward you go!

Wanderlust is occasionally scary and I suppose it has its risks, but I also know it's impossible to ignore its call or withstand its lure.

That bug bit us too, long ago. And we can't shake the need to keep exploring...

anno said...

This desire to see just beyond our own horizon, to move--if only slightly--beyond our comfort zone, is something that keeps us awake and alive.

Personally, I think I'd enjoy travel more if it didn't involve packing! Good luck with yours.

Kataroma said...

I think that's a big part of a successful relationship - being able to compromise and having similar amounts of wanderlust. I think it's great that you two have that in common. Good luck on the move!!!

cathouse teri said...

Having done a lot of uprooting in my life, I am fairly unruffled by it.

In the Philippines, I became close friends with a woman for a couple of years. When it came time for her to go, she said to me, "I can't believe you are not even noticably affected by our parting!" I said, "Honey, I've been saying goodbye to people all my life. If I fell apart every time I had to do that, I'd be a basketcase!"

jennifer said...

Hi Jenn- thanks for keeping me on track sometimes...
Anno- I have totally decided that I don't give a hoot about the packing! I'll just make sure not to forget my kids!
Hi kataroma, how right you are.
Teri- THANK YOU. We've been on the rounds saying farewells, and surprisingly I'm getting choked up, ugh!

Brillig said...

Marco MacGyver Polo. Now that is an irresistable combination!