Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7 new things

Dear Rebecca has tagged me for a 7-thing meme. Any seven things about me. As if you hadn't had enough.

Since everything is new to me, here are seven new and unexpected things about my new life.

1. I forgot how to write a check. I opened a bank account yesterday, and when I had to write the first check I looked at it, looked up, then looked at it again. So much for being a grown-up.

2. Two nights ago sitting by the river with my children, I saw an elk. That's right. An elk. He was sporting big antlers and a proud bearing. It was breathtaking.

3. This morning I bought a car. It's a beat up jeep with wonderful huge tires and a ski rack.

4. I've finally caught my breath. We're living at 9000 feet altitude, and the first few days were pretty huffy.

5. My children are Americans! They've always been Americans on paper, but now they are riding their bikes around town with their fishing poles tied to their backpacks and chatting with the locals. My younger son has also discovered the joys of Starbucks frappuccino (as if he needed more caffeine)!

6. My usually racing mind is calm and loafing around.

7. And back by popular demand, this is my new view ...


anno said...

Seeing an elk like that is breathtaking. They have complicated souls, like people.

Glad to hear you are settling in, catching your breath.

Rebecca said...

WOw, Jennifer, your view is breathtaking - worth moving country for, even.

And your son drinks coffee?? That must be the Italian influence??

9000 feet. I'll have to go look up what that is in metres - sounds high!! Must be if you've been puffing.

Thanks for being such a good sport and doing the meme for me!

Calabrisella said...

che bella vista!
it wonderful that you can appreciate the little things in life ...
I got hit by an '8 things about me' meme too... :-)



Jennifer said...

That looks beautiful! I am so happy for you, finally caught your breath.

Gunfighter said...

Beautiful scenery signora!

Glad it is going well for you.


Jenn in Holland said...

wowsers, Jennifer. That is some view.
Elk spotting had to be an amazing treat. The adage passed down in our family from a similar experience when my father was a small boy out hiking with his father is "good things come at quiet times".
Sounds like you are really finding your quiet spaces.

Carol said...

What a gorgeous view!! Is it from a majestic log cabin?

It looks like the move was a good move!


cathouse teri said...

I don't know a single American child who rides around with fishing poles tied to their backpacks, chatting to locals. Your children are clearly going to exceptional, for better or worse. :)

Love the check thing.

jennifer said...

I know- the views are amazing. Just today I commented to my husband that being a photographer here means pointing and shooting. That's it.
As for the kids, there really are kids on bikes with fishing rods here!! We're in fly fishing heaven, and even the kids take it pretty seriously...

Brillig said...

Can you teach my brain to loaf? What a wonderful thing!

I live on the other side of these rocky mountains from you, and I know what you mean about that whole catching your breath thing. I'm used to it now, of course, but after living at sea level for a couple of years and then coming here, I felt like I was gasping all the time and like my head was always spinning. Glad you've caught your breath!

Cate said...

WOW!!!!! That view is amazing!!!! And there's a StarBucks nearby? Cool.