Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Earth laughs in flowers. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last night my boys and I took a walk along the river. As they cast their fishing rods hoping to catch a trout, I picked flowers. The wild flowers in the mountains are at their glorious peak, and their chaotic, unabashed showiness looked to me like some kind of riot of nature. The sun set in the sky, and their shreaks of delight as they finally caught a fish were the perfect symphony to accompany my bouquet of daisies and wild sage.

There is nothing in this whole existence that we call life that makes me feel more at peace than picking flowers. Smelling flowers. Arranging flowers. Gazing on flowers.

I know... I'm such a girl!


anno said...

This sounds beautiful. Also, I wouldn't want to wreck your bouquet or anything, but I bet grilled trout would be really good with some browned sage butter.

When's MacGyver arriving?

jennifer said...

Hi anno- today!

Jennifer said...

I forgot what I was going to say. Anno's comment made me hungry.

Brillig said...

"Riot of Nature"--wow. I love that idea! Beautiful post.

Calabrisella said...

Che bella vita!!!

le fiori devono essere belle, no?!


Arantxa (a.k.a Calabrisella)

Rebecca said...

gorgeous picture, Jennifer. I can't WAIT for spring... I want to be outside, picking flowers, wearing that pink dress!

Rebecca said...

oh - and enjoy your husband - bet you're happy!!

Jenn in Holland said...

Yup. Me too, a girl through and through. At least when it comes to picking wildflowers and inhaling deeply.