Monday, July 9, 2007

The color of things

When I was in art school, I took a class that required me to describe every single feeling and sensation in colors. I remember that class well, since I am a very, very visual creature, and tend to experience things through seeing. Having said that, I can't remember faces or street signs, but I can remember the color of the room I met that person in, or that of the flowers on that street. I am not a particularly articulate speaker, either, and now that I am also bilingual I often find myself speaking in a strange blend that I call italenglish. I flush bright pink and stammer, and feel like I'm gulping for air.

That class like fine wine to me, and I felt like I was really speaking my own language. Finally. I haven't thought of my life in colors in a long while, so for old time's sake, I'll give it another try 20 years later.

Today I am the color of hay.

Not quite yellow. Not quite gold. Hay. Bland, crisp and nondescript. My hair runs into my face and then on into me body. Feeling the color of hay is kind of like laying in a field. It makes me tired.

My future is the color of sea mist.

Rosy, mysterious, just a little scary under the surface.

My mornings in Colorado are the color of green spring leaves.

The fresh taste and smell things new, promising and even fragile.


anno said...

Seeing the artwork and photographs you post is always a high point of my day. Wakes me up. Refreshes my eyes. Like finding water. Or coffee.

Don't get me wrong. I love your posts, too. Don't stop. Ever. This was fabulous.

Rebecca said...

hope there's a lot of 'rosy' in your future.

Rebecca said...

I have tagged you.

sognatrice said...

I love this idea! I'm very visual too--to the point that in order to remember things for tests, I could go back to a kind of snapshot of the page to remember where it is and then scan my brain for info. Photographic memory, I don't have, but my mind is very good at remembering the basic set-ups, layouts, including colors (names, uh, not so much, especially as I age) ;)

I see a lot of rosy and mysterious too, and isn't it wonderful?

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm That was delicious.

Karen said...

Mmmmm sea mist! I love your view.

Jenn in Holland said...

Chills, and chills and chills. Like I always get when I visit your blog, but this one especially. I love the idea of seeing the world in color and until you named it so, I don't know that I would ever have figured out that that is exactly what I do. I feel in color. Feelings are color. So are memories.
Really gorgeous images too Jennifer.