Friday, September 21, 2007

15 questions that I can't answer today

1. Where will I be living this time next year?

2. When will my eldest son's voice change?

3. What's for dinner?

4. When will my gray hair start to overtake my blond hair?

5. Who will be the democratic presidential nominee?

6. How can anyone on this whole planet stand to even hear George Bush's voice without throwing something at the television?

7. When will the ski slopes open?

8. How will we ever get approved for a mortgage after living abroad for so many years?

9. Will I get breast cancer like my mother did?

10. Will XXX, who owes me almost 1000 Euros, ever pay?

11. Why aren't I working right now, since I have a huge project due in Monday?

12. Why am I still thinking about the beautiful young man I saw in Aspen yesterday wearing a Marines t-shirt and riding in wheelchair because he had no legs?

13. Why aren't we all thinking about him and his comrads everyday?

14. Why do all the geese in town prefer to shit right in the middle of the soccer field, making for stinky, slimy soccer games? (there are alot of geese here...)

15. Why did this mother deer choose the middle of the road as the best place to nurse her babies?

Friday Fifteen


anno said...

Great questions -- I love this list! One reason I'm glad we don't have television (or listen to much radio) is that I don't have to listen to that awful voice of GB, Jr. If we had tv or radio, I bet they'd both be broken.

Amazing photo, too.

jennifer said...

I took that photo yesterday. She was just standing right in the middle of the road. And she didn't move when we got close to her!

Irishcoda said...

What an awesome picture! You've got some very weighty questions on your list, #1, 8. 9 12 & 13

As for the shrub, I don't listen to him.

Rebecca said...

fortunately I don't have to listen to GB too often - and the remote always comes in handy for shutting him up.

ByJane said...

but they are such worthwhile questions!!!!!

Jen said...

I loved this! I've been having a kind of sad day and this really cheered me up (except any mention of Bush and the war) and I loved the pic of the deer.

jen said...

i've broken several TVs over #6.


sognatrice said...

What a great photo! As they say, when nature calls....

JJ said...

Lovely post. Love the image of the marine in the wheelchair.

Mishelle said...

That last picture is priceless! Great list..

Carol said...

Love this! Great idea! Can I steal it?