Sunday, September 9, 2007

About beauty

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," -that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. ~ John Keats

I am a great lover of beauty. I learned early to love beauty in art. I also love beauty in nature, in landscapes and the sky. I love beauty in the colors around me, and always take notice of my surroundings. I am horrible with remembering names and faces, but I almost remember scenery and colors. I have offended countless people in my lifetime by having no recollection of their faces and names. I remember once taking a drive for several hours with someone I didn't know very well. We were in Florida, and I believe we were driving to visit someone in a hospital. At the end of our drive, my traveling companion looked at me and thanked me. When I asked what she was thanking me for, she said for seeing the world through my eyes. I apparently had babbled on and on about every tree, cloud, shrub... I remember the colors well from that drive- burnt russet and yellow. I remember that the sky was a steel gray. I do not remember who I was with. I've lived in many places over the years, and the first thing I do is beautify the room or rooms in which I will be dwelling, usually with art and flowers and color. I need these things. They help me thrive. Help me to be creative. Help me to reason.

Maybe this is why living at times feels so hard for me. Ugly seems so impossible to bear. Maybe this is why I adore where I live so much now, and why the changing of the seasons is so important to me. Maybe this is why I love the produce section of the supermarket, even though I can't remember what it is I need to buy.

Maybe this is also why pretty is important to me? Maybe this is why I remember my grandmother as being so utterly pretty. So utterly beautiful. It wasn't her wrinkles or aging body that I saw, it was her perfume, her earrings, her silk blouse, her rings and smooth southern drawl that made her into an irresistable woman. That is what I would aspire to be. Beautiful. Pretty

This ever so quickly written and not well thought out post was inspired by anno once again. Her meditations on pretty are food for thought.


jen said...

it's the beauty in the misery of the world that i try to spot and cling to when i can as well...otherwise it might just drive you mad.

lovely post.

anno said...

Noticing things is a way of saving them -- and why not save the things we find beautiful? Seems to me that it makes for art that points toward possibility.

Also, FWIW, someone once told me that the highest order of prayer was appreciation.

I loved this -- thanks!

Karenkool said...

Some golden nuggets of truth I can always find here, my blogger friend.

Btw... the person you rode with in the long drive way back when... that was me. (hahaha jk)

The Passionate Palate said...

I think that noticing the beauty in the world is a gift (some people never do this and some try hard to learn.) Like Jen said, if you don't notice the beauty, the suffering and misery of the world would drive you mad.

Keep noticing the beauty!

Jen said...

Okay... this is the other Jen (a2eatwrite) - This kind of pretty that you describe is that I relate to most, but I think beauty and pretty are two different things. Beauty is what happens when your soul sings and pretty is more of a societal concept, in my mind. Does that make any sense at all?