Sunday, September 2, 2007

This world really is magic

I just reread my last post, and realized that I must have been exhausted when I wrote that. It was full of typos...

I really needed to get away, which I did. We just returned from a trip to the hot springs and the Rocky Mountain National Park. If you've never been there, find a way to go. It just plain blew me away.

The space and majesty made me feel like a tiny little gnat and like I was the luckiest person on earth at the same time.

Imagine walking through the woods and coming upon this beautiful moose. She was a she, and looked like a very young girl. Her eyes were so gentle. She even let me take her picture.

We all need to be on top of the world every now and then. It helps me remember that this world really is magic.


Jennifer said...

Those are gorgeous pictures that you took. This post reminded me of how I felt in Yosemite.

anno said...

Mountain tops really do offer a new perspective on life.

My parents lived for a while in Cody, WY, near Yellowstone, and visiting there always did the same thing for me. Plus there was a museum in town where I first discovered Bierstadt, one of the most romantic of all the Western Romantics.

Glad you got a much needed break this weekend.

Carol said...

It must feel worlds away from Italy... which has its own splendor, but oh, so different!


Jen said...

Oh, it looks so beautiful there! I'm glad, too, that you all had some get away time after your hectic summer.

I had a poster of a view similar to your first photo. It really helped me get through the first year of my doctoral program - I could just get lost in it. (Note: I didn't actually finish that program...)

Fourier Analyst said...

Ah, so beautiful. You sure know how to rub it in for the poor residents of "Flatland"! But its nice to see them anyway!

Brillig said...

Beautiful. It looks like what we did this weekend--on the opposite side of the Rockies. I love the bit about being on top of the world.

Rebecca said...

gorgeous Jennifer. You ARE lucky!


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