Friday, October 5, 2007

15 things that I was so wrong about

1. I would feel like an adult at 40.

2. I would never get married.

3. I would never stay married (actually happily married) for 15 years.

4. Bush would lose the election in 2000.

5. Bush would lose the election in 2004 (this may be technically true, but it's the result that counts).

6. Italy would never win the 2006 World Cup. (No one thought Italy would win the World Cup. The electronics store in my town had a special offer in the 6 weeks before the finals- they would give you a full refund on the new television you bought during those six weeks if Italy actually won, and they sold tons of televisions! Then they had to give all that money back! Oh ye of little faith...)

7. I would never miss the US when I left, jaded 24 year old that I was.

8. I would have daughters.

9. I would never be able to cook a plate of pasta as well as my chef husband. (Wrong! I'm actually quite good at that!)

10. I would always be a rambler. (I'm beginning to imagine myself as an old lady with a bun here...)

11. I would always live far away from my family and not give a hoot. (This is a huge change of heart that has happened as I've gotten older).

12. I would have a plan at 40 (I still don't).

13. I would one day reread Joyce's Ulysses and like it like everyone else does (I really hate that book, especially the first scene).

14. All of my education would eventually be useless in the real world. (Another jaded 20 year old fallacy. My useless education helped me to see the world through rose colored lenses, and I'm ever grateful for that).

15. No one would ever read this stuff (I don't have many readers, but I'm regularly amazed that anyone at all gets through this stuff. Hats off to you!)


BabyTalkers said...

what a cool idea for the friday fifteen. Love it!

sognatrice said...

Sometimes it's good to be wrong, eh? I agree that this is a great idea for a Friday Fifteen, and you've certainly delivered :)

Irishcoda said...

Great topic for a Friday 15, almost nicked it from you!

Greg said...

To echo sognatrice, being wrong can mean we get to start over. How liberating!

anno said...

Great topic, and a great list!

Of this, though, I think you can be certain: No more Bush in 2008!

Jen said...

My goodness, Jennifer! I'm right with you on every single one of these other than 7 and 9 (especially since I don't know how either of you cooks pasta). Absolutely every single one.

Rebecca said...

fantastic idea for a friday fifteen, Jennifer.

I always have plans - the problem is I have too many plans and they seem to change every day -

jen said...

i read this and think of the similarities we share and how wonderful it is that we've met.

Fourier Analyst said...

Great Friday 15 and I identify with so many of your points that I am wondering if you read my mail!! If we really are soul sisters, then a hint a the future...not much changes when you're 50, only now you get a bit worried at how wrong you've been about so many things!! Maybe I'll get it right in the next 10 years!

Cate said...

You are too funny!

Poppy Fields said...

Your list reassures me. I am over 40, but don't feel very grown-up and I still don't have a plan either.