Thursday, October 18, 2007

the coolest thing I ever heard,dude

When my family and I are together, we speak Italian. We speak Italian because the prevailing theory for bilingual children is that when at home, you are supposed to speak the language not being spoken outside the home. The other reason is because I usually figure that my kids are so wiped out from their English speaking school days that they can relax into Italian at home.
Yesterday the four of us were in the car jabbering away about nothing in particular. My son's cell phone rang. His half of the conversation went like this...

"Hey dude, what's up?"
"No way man!"
"Cool. OK. I'll be there. Ciao!"

This was the coolest thing I ever heard, dude.


Greg said...

Speaking only English I marvel at stories like this. My son called from Montreal where he is studying to tell me of a job interview he had. I asked if the interview was conducted in English or French. "Oh, in both languages. You know how it is up here." Fabulous, and a true marvel to me

Jennifer said...

That is cool. Was it hard to switch? We do a lot of both around here and now Jack will speak to me in English and his father in Italian, even when we are all playing together. "Go get the boat, Mommy," he'll say to me. Then he'll turn to G and say, "Vai a sederti nella barca. Io spingo te!" I can't imagine what it would be like speaking to him in Italian though. I never have.

Also, the painting by Chagall you have posted in your mind's eye today is one of my most cherished paintings. I love Chagall and especially that one.

jen said...

sigh. sexy, that italian.

anno said...

So cool. It sounds like your son is adapting well -- how fun to watch!

Fourier Analyst said...

It's funny for our neighbors listening to our conversations. I speak almost strictly English with the kids, unless one of our Dutch neighbors or friends are present. Hubby speaks almost strictly German with the girls, but English with me. But the girls speak Dutch with one another. And they switch back and forth between all 3 languages on the fly, with few mistakes and only a small amount of language mixing. It provides our neighbors who are separated only by a green hedge, a lot of amusement they have informed us!

And yes, I think it is pretty cool as well!

Goofball said...

cool :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

The thing that's so interesting for me is that ciao has also become such a universal - both my German daughter's family and my Swedish daughter and her family often use it. But that was definitely cool, and you have one cool dude in the making. ;-)


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