Sunday, November 25, 2007


Life is a series of hills and valleys. A series of sharp bursts of commotion and turmoil, often followed by seemingly impossible moments of calm and respite.

I've been sailing in one of those moments of respite from too much turmoil, where the days fly past with the mundane doings of a life. My writing has taken a backseat lately to painting, time with my family and the joyous winter season. I've felt a bit of a dolt lately, only intellectually awake enough to think for about a half a minute in the morning as I sip my coffee, and then let myself ride the wake of the day as it comes. Anno was kind enough to provide me with some interview questions, and I am grateful for someone else helping me decide what to think about. So here goes.

1. You seem like a person whose desires and actions are in remarkable alignment. Have you ever made a decision you regretted? Care to tell about it? What would you do differently now?

My first impulse to this question was No, I really don't have any regrets. But the one thing that I probably wish I had done was have more children. Not that I'm so old that I still can't, but to me once they're out of diapers, either you keep it up or stop. I adored being pregnant and having babies. The real reason, sadly, was that we didn't have more money. Affording a larger house, maybe having some help and being able to stay home. These were the reasons that cause this tiny tinge of regret.

2. When you paint, are you aiming for a result or an experience? Explain...

Experience. The result just doesn't matter.

3. If you hadn't met MacGyver and moved to Italy, what do you think you might have done instead?

That's not even thinkable to me. I am a strong believer in fate.

4. I love your ever-changing gallery of paintings -- where do you find these pictures? (OK, maybe this isn't a great interview question, but I am kind of dying to know your source...)

The paintings and other artwork I post in my mind's eye are just that- images from my mind. I studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and was drowned in art history and criticism. Most of the images I post here come from the library of stuff hidden away in my cluttered head.

5. What's your secret talent? Your secret ambition?

Oh my- very hard question. I don't think my talents are very secret. And my greatest ambition is to keep living life without being afraid of change.

6. I think you are an amazing writer, but your series on the Seven Deadly Sins is especially breathtaking. What inspired this?

Thank you. That series was basically inspired by the first essay about Envy. That was a very cathartic piece for me to write, and it then led to the others. I'm not at all a religious person, especially when it comes to dogma. But I do think there is something inherently evil and destructive in Envy, hence the essay. I really must get back to those. There are two more to go.

7. What has surprised you the most since returning to the States?

My children. Their incredible, effortless adjusting to a totally different culture and language.

8. What are you on the verge of?

Tomorrow. As always.


And this one is for Anno...


jen said...

what beautiful answers. remarkable comes to mind, in general, when thinking of you.

anno said...

Beautiful responses... and thanks for the beautiful painting, too! If you ever feel like getting around to those last two Deadly Sins, I'll be interested in reading about them...

Fourier Analyst said...

Yes, please, finish your essays! I love the writing and the pictures you put with them. You expand my mind so much and I have the slight conceit that I am getting a bit of "culture"!

Love the interview, and am jealous that Anno got to ask you such interesting things!

And also love your earlier posts on Colorado. I know some of the country so know just what you mean! (sigh)

So while I do want you to post more, I also want you to enjoy the respite and the lovely times you have so you can come back later and write about them!!

Betsy said...

I'm with Anno-- I just love the images you post on here!

I come for the writing, but the images are the icing on the cake!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Interesting answers. And I'd also like to join the chorus for those last two essays, when you feel ready for them.

jennifer said...

I can't resist answering fourier analyst- getting culture from me? What a compliment! I really do feel like a dolt most of the time!