Monday, November 19, 2007

why on earth do I do that?

I fell while snow skiing in Italy two years ago and nearly ruined one of my knees. My recovery was long and painful, but as soon as I could I got up on skis again.

My husband, children and I have spent every free moment we have found over the last month skiing. We live in the county of Colorado that opens its ski resorts before anyplace else in the US. We skied for my son's birthday on October 12th.

As I was skiing down the mountain earlier today, I thought about why I do that. Why on earth do I go flying down the mountain with a very screwed up knee and 40 years behind me trying to keep up with my children and husband?

The truth is that there's just something about the feeling of the wind on your face and the sound of the snow beneath your skis. There's something about it that lets me forget every single other thought in my cluttered head, and makes me feel free. Even makes me feel young. And there's that moment when you arrive at the top of the mountain, and get a glimpse of a landscape so breathtaking, so majestic, that you wonder how you could ever live without seeing it.

It's the air and the sun and the cold, all creating a feeling of being so clearly and undeniably alive, that you get addicted to it. Like I am.


Jennifer said...

Wow is that beautiful. My husband's family is a family of skiiers. Downhill and cross country. A clutch of his uncles won the Mezzalama a few years running, way back when. They are just like you that way, the flying down the mountain, the love of the beauty and the cold.

Karenkool said...

Ahhh you're killin me!! We've been trying to find flights to CO for just about anytime this winter, to take our two boys skiing/boarding... nothing has shown itself affordable. Who out there has secrets that we should know about??

Our boys have only experienced east coast mountains. It's time to give them a greater love.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It sounds like a wonderful addiction. I used to love cross country skiing, but I, too, wrecked my knee and it really hurts when I've tried cross country skiing since, sadly.

anno said...

That's breathtaking! Between those mountains and the studio, how do you find time to blog?

Rebecca said...

I've never been snow skiiing, In fact I've barely seen snow..... would LOVE to try it one day though.

Betsy said...

I never really learned how to ski. Or at least not to ski well. But I love it when the snow is crisp and the sky is clear. Maybe I'll have a chance to pick it up this year and join you in your addiction!