Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the three kings

I, like many of you out there, am taking a break. My last incoherent post is proof.

I thought I would share a story first, which recently came to mind after a long absence.

Many years ago I went to Costa Rica with friend. We were driving across the country during the rainy season. This trip took place before Costa Rica became such a hot tourist destination, and the only book and guide to be found was by a woman author, and I remember that we made notes in the margins telling her (I believe her name was Margaret something) how off-base and inaccurate everything she had written was.

The maps and itineraries were the worst. We had a jalopyesque rental car, and we were vainly trying to reach a small town on the other side of the rain forest. The map showed a very distinct road, and our faithful friend Margaret said the town on the other extremity was beautiful. At one point the road ran smack dab into a soccer field, and the only way to keep going was to drive right across the field. The only problem was that the tiny village was gathered around the field to watch a game in progress... the sight of the two blond gringas waving and apologizing as they bumped across the soggy field was hilarious for everyone involved. We left them laughing.

What I failed to see amidst their laughter was the bewilderment as we continued on that road. Just where did we think we were going? The bliss of being twenty meant that it just didn't matter. The road was in fact a road to nowhere, and as the rain pounded on the forest, what was once a dirt road soon became a mud slide, and then a torrent. Our car wound up in a sort of ditch, and we clamoured out of the car into the rain as we realized that on the other side of that ditch was the mountainside. The monkeys screamed above our heads. The forest bore down.

As we pondered our situation, the most incredible, magical thing happened. The rain was so thick that at first I thought I was seeing a mirage. Three men came out of the forest. They were very tall, and I remember them as being very blond. They were carrying packs and soaking wet. They spoke no English, and even my stumbling Spanish didn't register.

These three men pushed our car out of the ditch. They turned it around and pointed to the way out. They smiled and smiled and wouldn't accept a ride. They went back from whence they came, which to me looked like nowhere.

The three kings.

Merry Christmas.


anno said...

Oh, that was definitely an enchanted moment... and a relief, too, I suspect.

Wishing you wonders and enchantment over the holidays -- Merry Christmas!

Greg said...

Magic pure and simple

sognatrice said...

What a lovely story.

Merry Christmas :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

What an extraordinary story.

And Merry Christmas!

Fourier Analyst said...

Remind me to send you the joke (in Italian) about what would have happened had the 2 Kings been women instead of men (it's a great Christmas laugh)!