Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it only works in paintings

Yesterday I was reminded of a person from my past. I could say the first, and probably the only, person who really broke my heart.

When I was in art school in my hopscotching twenties, I was surrounded by artists. Artists are egocentric and self-absorbed by nature. They are often irrational and babyish. They tend to overreact and dramatize almost everything, and are often lacking in the most basic of social skills.

They are also the most romantic, passionate of lovers. They see in technicolor, and the object of their desire can't help but wind up on a pedestal. They study and glorify their muses, and spout poetry. The face of a woman is aglow for the artist.


But the fall from that pedestal smarts. And being ethereal isn't all that it's cut out to be. Ethereal is fleeting and tenuous, flimsy and flirtatious.

Ethereal isn't real. It only works in paintings.


restless said...

What a wonderful blog you write! Peccato non l'ho trovato prima che sto nel cosiddetto bel paese che spesso bello non è. I shall note never to fall for a fickle artist though Gibran Khalil has this to say in regard- Le creature che possiedono maggiori capacità sessuali sulla faccia di questo immenso pianeta sono i creativi, i poeti, gli scultori, i pittori e i musicisti. E questo è deciso sin dal principio della creazione. Il sesso per loro è un dono bello e sublime, sempre vivo.Keep smiling

anno said...

Oh... those heartbreaking painters and poets. When they noticed you, you really felt noticed.

Holding their attention, well, that was a different matter.

Greg said...

I find myself due to an instance in my past where I acted "the artistic fool" unable to comment beyond this acknowledgement.

Jenn in Holland said...

Fickle artists!
Would that one would come along right now and place me on that pedastal. I could take it.

PS> I am loving your new profile pic! You look so COLORADAN!!