Monday, December 3, 2007

my day

my sunrise

my first steps

walking by the lake

watching the wind blow

my sunset

There's someting about living in a place that dwarfs me. Its a something that makes me feel alive and insignificant at the same time.


Jennifer said...

Lovely day!

The mountains always make me feel like that. Especially big ones. (Not the Dolomites)

My husband's uncles live in the Alps and whenever we go, I feel the way you describe. Like a fleeting bit of dust in the permanence of the earth. It makes me want to make every day count.

Goofball said...

Looks like a beautiful day! At least you seem to have true winter weather...haven't seen any snow here yet.

Greg said...

What a marvelous vista with which to begin and end your day(s)!

Karenkool said...

Gorgeous. Looks kind of cold. I need some mountain time!!! Soon.

Fourier Analyst said...

I feel the same way sometimes looking at the stars and contemplating the universe. Love the story of your day in pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm very, very jealous, but glad you're getting to enjoy it all!