Sunday, January 13, 2008

you know you really are alive

I know I gush regularly about where I live. But the truth is that even though this life is making me a boring, repetitive writer as the angst of living somewhere that I don't want to anymore has fallen away, I wouldn't trade it for anything. My life revolves around the next snowfall and the next time I put my ski boots on. My children are wind burnt and as healthy as they have ever been. My eldest no longer suffers from sore throats and watery eyes as he did in Italy. My youngest can get his ya-ya's out turning pirouettes over the jumps at the terrain park. My husband gets his thrills by dragging me down difficult runs.

The best part of all is the view.

And if you are willing to walk a ways off the top of the highest lift,

you can see a sight like no place else.

And when you put your skis on again,

and make your way across the peak,

the only tracks behind you will be yours.

Soon you will come into the valley.

Where the only way down is straight down.

And you know you really are alive.


anno said...

Beautiful. Just breathtaking.

Clearly, you are right where you belong: home.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, there's nothing boring or repetitive here, Jennifer. Joy is never boring or repetitive. And your pictures are stunning.

jen said...

you are living, woman. you so are living.

Jennifer said...

That does look beautiful, and so much fun!

Goofball said...

hmm that last picture would be a bit too steep for my poor skiing skills. But you do make me feel like skiing again, which european publicity and friends pleading do not succeed.

Elizabeth Abbot said...

wow. makes me hungry for snow...time to go visit my son in Trento!
Thanks for stopping by and good luck with all your possible and anticipated changes.

Karenkool said...

Agh you are KILLING me!! I'm seriously considering packing up the family, selling the house and finding somewhere in the Rockies to reside. This flat, long island with its rainy winters is not thrilling any one of us--but then... the summer comes, and I do LOVE the beach.

I guess I'll have to just live the mountain dream by reading your blog and viewing your great photos.

bleeding espresso said...

So gorgeous. Oh how I miss snow....

Gunfighter said...

You know you are really alive when you tumble headlong down that hill, and feel serious pain... at least that's how it would be for me.

'Tis beautiful, though, and no mistake.

sue said...

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