Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm still smiling

My children are growing up. Their middle school years are turning out to be much as I remember mine, because I really remember mine. I used to be so convinced that the guys were so cool, that the guys didn't suffer the torments of crushes like I did, The boys didn't worry about their hair, their clothes. The guys were guys. Different.
Oh how wrong I was. My youngest had two friends sleep over the other night, and I was startled to find that these boys giggle and gossip. They push one another to call various girls, prodding if so-an-so likes so-and-so. They play and whisper and say they will be friends forever. They will get their first summer jobs together, ski to victory on the ski team together, and eventually go to college together. They will be young forever.
How sweet it is and how sweet it was. I'm still smiling.


bleeding espresso said...

Aw, and now I'm smiling too. How lovely :)

cathouse teri said...

I like it when you smile. You have such a nice smile! :)

anno said...

Sigh. So lovely. Enjoy!

Brillig said...

Ha! I had no idea! I always had the same outlook as you-- that they just didn't care about the giggly gossipy stuff. What a fun way for you to find out that indeed they do! You've definitely made me smile. :-D