Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have a right

This is too much. I have a right to hear the presidential candidates debate. I have a right to hear both candidates explain what they would do about the sickening quagmire this country has wound up in 40 days from now. I have a right to see the candidates on the spot- no scripts, teleprompters, lobbyists, smear commercials- answering questions using their own knowledge and brains and reasoning. I have a right to a president that can handle that spot. I want a president who has the wherewithal to spend all day in Washington and debate his or her positions and points of view until midnight the next day if necessary. This is, after all, an election for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
I'm so angry about this. I think it is fake and phony and dishonest, and not the least bit about integrity. Do these people think I am stupid?
If you feel the same way, or any other way for that matter, say it. Write it. Make phone calls. Write e-mails. Yell off of your roof, your balcony. Use your blog. Use your voice. Use your brains.

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