Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bone tired

In the last seventeen months, my life has been so full of everything that I have to remind myself that I have a right to feel drained. I can't remember if the pace of my life is abnormal, or it's really always this way. As I forget what has happened to me, I think I will record it here in a real list, a list to remind myself why I long for quiet.

In the last seventeen months:

  • I managed my husband's green card process, an Odyssey.

  • I uprooted my family after 15 years in Italy and moved across the ocean.

  • My husband's father passed away suddenly after he was here only two days, sending him back to Italy for a painful goodbye.

  • My beloved grandfather died a few days later.

  • I enrolled my Italian children in American schools, gritting my teeth on their behalf at first, and then watching them flower.

  • I somehow found two cars, insurance, dentists, doctors and a mechanic.

  • I helped my husband in setting foot in a country foreign to him, trying valiantly to support him in the language, the culture, the food, the extreme differentness.

  • I revolutionized my own work, finding a job in the mornings and translating in the afternoons, setting foot back into a workforce that I have not belonged to in so many years.

  • I faced the possibility of breast cancer. It's now time for my next mammogram.

  • My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  • I somehow (I don't remember how, exactly) managed to get approved for a mortgage, got the money together for the down payment, found a house and bought it.

  • My youngest son suffered a severely detached retina in his eye, and has had two major surgeries over the past 8 weeks.

  • ... I can't think of anything else right now. I'm too tired.

I have written much and met many other writers, many of whom I deeply miss. I hope to find more time and energy and space to dedicate to these virtual friends and to myself. Do not forget me.

One thing I do know... it's snowing here, and the slopes are open.


anno said...

You're not forgotten, not at all... I'm just ensnared in my own distractions. It's good to see your posts again

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Enjoy those slopes! And obviously we all have times we need to hibernate for a bit!