Monday, February 2, 2009

if only I could put it into words

I have not been writing. I have been living and have had time for nothing else.

I quit the part time office job I took a year or so ago. The boring normalcy was killing me. The schedule was ruining me. My translation business continued to boom and I became a frazzled go between with sore hands.

I again failed miserably at what seems easy for others, and I am once again reveling in my self contentedness.

I may finally write more, if I could only put it into words.


Betsy said...

I'll be here when / if you do! :-)

I miss your posts but know how it feels when life starts to slip out of your hands.

(All kinds of metaphors just came to mind, but some were too far-fetched, others a bit absurd, so I'll let it pass.)

Enjoy your self-contentedness and your travels on the road less traveled!

anno said...

Me, too. And thanks for the words -- your previous post worried me a bit.

~ Denise ~ said...

The picture is gorgeous and has so many vibrant colors and textures within it...just like life, eh? Hope your day is a good one and you find yourself able to enjoy a slower pace. ;)