Monday, February 9, 2009

my work today

I haven't written much about my work of late. My work is one of the main reasons I haven't written much at all. I've been so busy, which may be strange in light of the big hullabaloo crisis we are all supposedly living through. I have so much work I don't know what to do with it, and while doom and hellfire await us right around the corner, I continue to say yes.
I love my work. It sometimes keeps me up at odd hours and makes my hands hurt. It sometimes requires chasing down payments from long suffering clients in Italy, though I have managed to give most of these the boot. But it also gives me that one most precious thing that is so hard to come by... knowledge. I have learned so much about so many things I would have never come anywhere near if not for this job. I love it. I think it may keep my brain alive a tad longer.
I am a scientific translator. I specialize in robotics and automation. Last week I translated a proposal for the European Union about a new Mars lander, a robot so smart that it can find the tiniest particle of life that may have existed millions of years ago, photograph it, sample it, stick it in its pocket and bring it home. Today I am writing about nanorobotics- tiny a tiny army of soldiers that you swallow, taking care of what ails you from the inside. I know how all manner of machines work, from the most banal motor to the most cutting edge prosthesis hand.
I love this work. I love knowing so many strange tangents of what is happening in the world. I though I should write that down, lest I forget.


Carol said...

Do you also do technical localization projects, like for evil software companies (sigh)? If so, we should perhaps talk!


jen said...

a scientific translator who specializes in robots who also knows so much about the heart.

now this is a chick i can totally hang out with.

~ Denise ~ said...

That sounds like a really cool job. Glad to hear you have lots of work...what a blessing. ;)