Sunday, April 26, 2009

things change

There's a reason that I have neglected writing here. More specifically, there are many reasons rolled up into one thing called change. While I used to revel in writing about change, lately I have been feeling as if I have been keeping secrets from this blog about nothing in particular. Maybe this is because I received some thorny e-mails and comments a while back. Maybe I am embarrassed. Maybe I am floundering.

I now believe it's time for change. Here, anyway. And I intend to write about myself again, no barriers. If the comment section bothers me I may just turn it off. If you want to e-mail me something nasty, think twice. I'm touchy. Do unto thy neighbor and all that.

For starters, the view of the sunset from my house. Spring and summer offer up spectacular natural fireworks here in the high country.


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

A very warm welcome back cara :)

wandering said...

I too am glad you,re not giving up blogging unfortunately it's life that we not not appreciated by everyone - though I'm sure there are more who do appreciate your quite amazing way of writing.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're back. Those comments get to me too.

Betsy said...

I'm glad you're back too! I've missed your posts!

Kat said...

Maybe I should have commented earlier, I only have positive things to say about your blog. Simply put, I love it. I lived in Italy for 1 year and a half, but it felt much longer. My husband is American but had been living there for 10 years by the time I moved to Italy to join him. I love the cultural differences you highlight. I can relate to many of the things you loved and hated about life in Italy, and I so enjoy reading about your experiences. I was so incredibly happy to return home to the US to be closer to my family and friends and a culture I understood and fit in, yet I sometimes miss Italy desperately. I am already looking forward to reading about your summer holiday experiences when you travel back there. I enjoy reading about how you are coping, your children and husband (though we never learn much about him!). At any rate, I'm only writing now because I just read this post and was surprised to read that so many people have written negative things. I hope you keep writing, I feel like I have a pen-pal in you and I enjoy getting to know you (though of course I don't hold up my end of the pen-pal street!). Cheers and welcome back!


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