Monday, June 8, 2009

even poppies need their freedom

Poppies are coming up everywhere. Big fat oriental poppies, almost obscene to look at. And if you ever dare cut them to bring their gaudy sexiness with you, a little forbidden thrill, they die. Refusing to be tamed or touched. Even poppies need their freedom to live.

I am leaving. I have the fabulous rush of several time zones, continents, airplanes and boats ahead of me the next few months. I haven't done any real traveling since I moved here from Italy, and I have felt a bit dead for it.

May my travels give me a new desire to write. Here, not just for work.

I'm off.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Enjoy your travels! I hope that they bring you delight. Those poppies are gorgeous.

Betsy said...

Can I come with you? PLEASE?! Or maybe just live vicariously through you?


Tandy said...

Hello, it's been a while since I commented. I still enjoy your blogs just as much, I still find the same solace from reading them, the same beauty. But my life has been one big upheaval for the past year, going through a divorce, finishing a part-time degree I embarked on 5 years ago (and which was halted owing to my marrige -- only managed to finish once that marriage was over...). Recently I have been feeling the same need for change. I don't ski (I live in central London, United Kingdom..) but I feel a yearning, burning feeling to strike out, cut loose and see where life will take me. Unfortunately, I am alone and at 39 have started longing for a family (though it was impossible with my ex-husband, I have not lost hope). I feel a bit lost and a bit scared and a bit excited, all at once. Your blogs have always resonated within me. I lived in France for many years and taught English in French companies. I also did many translations as I am fully bi-lingual. To help my students I became an expert on fly fishing, biscuit manufacturing and French accounting among other things. They may never have served, but I did feel richer for all this accumulated knowledge :-) your post about your translation company really struck a chord with me. I wish you beautiful travels. Where are you off to, and for how long? With all warm wishes.