Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a little gratitude

Every now and then, all too rarely, I will read a book that changes me somehow. This is one such book.
I, like so many of us, spend so much of my psychic energy bemoaning one thing or another. My mortgage is due. My health insurance is too expensive. How should I punish my unruly teenager? How will my boys pay for college? What will we have for dinner? These are daily trappings, small and large, of my life. Some days they are insurmountable, and other days I find the comedy of it all, and give it up.
This book gives true meaning to the daily trappings of a human being's life. How much of what we need, or think we need, is real or imaginary? How much of what we want is dictated by powers that we will never see or control? How much of what we believe about ourselves and our place in the universe is spoon fed to us from a source we will never see? How willing are we to turn over our minds and hearts to a cause we want to believe is righteous?
This is a wonderful book, easy to read, full of true stories from real people. A window into a place right around the corner that most of us can't even begin to fathom. We are all so free and so spoiled.
It gave me a rare gift - a little gratitude.

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