Saturday, September 18, 2010

the difference between me and a burnt down house, and a lesson in humanity

I thought I had given up on writing about politics. I thought that anything I had to say didn't matter, wasn't heard, was misinterpreted, was basically meaningless in the grand scheme of things. There is something refreshing about giving up on the grand scheme of things, giving in to apathy. I can understand why so many people do it. I can understand the allure.

Then yesterday something happened. I was once again appalled to hear the words coming from a politician's mouth. The politicians and preachers and talking heads, who all sound the same to me now, who all say nothing. But the words coming from Mike Huckabee's mouth, an evangelical minister, a man who actually ran to be president of the United States, gave me turn. I couldn't quite believe it.

The analogy used by Mr. Huckabee comparing American's with "pre-existing" conditions, a condition I have often compared to being alive, to burnt down houses was so offensive, so beyond the logic apparent in any sane mind, to the right or to the left, that I began to wonder what was really behind Mr. Huckabee's bizarre statement. Mr. Huckabee's own wife is a cancer survivor. Why doesn't he see her in the vestiges of a burnt down house? Something to be demolished, or at least ignored? Why does she get a free pass from joining that most undesired club, that murky, stinky, pathetic band of humans with pre-existing conditions? Why isn't she in the same boat that I am? That my husband is in?

Of course the reason behind her get out jail free card is quite simple really. Mrs. Huckabee has insurance. Mrs. Huckabee probably has a gold plated Cadillac insurance plan. Mrs. Huckabee is covered. Mr. Huckabee, Mrs. Huckabee, the Huckabee's children do not have to worry about any of this. It is one of the greatest lessons in humanity... learning empathy and understanding for what does not touch you personally. It requires an open mind, intelligence, experience and wading into the unknown collective beyond what you see within the four walls of your own home. Obviously way beyond Mr. Huckabee.

Mr. Huckabee could use a lesson in humanity, straight from the Bible that he religiously bangs in his head. Until we can conceive of every American citizen's right to access the health care system that people like Mr. Huckabee love to chant is the best in the world, all we are left with is a system of privilege, of blindness, of greed, of stupidity. Mr. Huckabee is stupid. He is stupid because he obviously has never been touched personally by the plight of the burnt down houses of the world, millions of people like me who have been forced into the shadows and the sidelines. People like me who do the right thing, but still get left with nothing. Yet he generously gives himself the right to open up his mouth and espouse false wisdom for the automatons who follow him. The burnt down houses of Mr. Huckabee's so very Christian mind, the burnt down houses he cannot see in his own neighborhood, are people like me, or maybe like those of you reading this.

But the difference between me and a burnt down house is something that Mr. Huckabee is too much of a fool to see. As long as loud, self righteous false prophets like him find bands of glassy eyed, simple truth seeking robots to blindly follow, foaming at the mouth about family values as they trample their own neighbors, this country will never stand on the moral high ground where Mr. Huckabee envisions his pulpit. It will stay where it is today, hostage to ignorance, blindness and fervor for nothing. America is looking more and more like a burning house, the burning house in Mr. Huckabee's small mind. And he is wafting the flames from his own blowhard mouth, torching the country he claims to love, in a burnfest that seems to be growing ever wilder and more drunken across this country.

I am not the house Mr. Huckabee sees burning in his little mind. That is his own sense of humanity.

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