Wednesday, September 29, 2010

from the archives ~ 15 of my favorite Italian words

1. violino ~ violin. This was one of the first words I heard my husband speak. When he said it, it sounded like music and was the start of my love affair with the Italian language.

2. mirtillo ~ blueberry.

3. dondolone ~ loafer, ne'er-do-well. This word comes from the word meaning to rock, to sway. The image is of swaying in the breeze without a care in the world.

4. sensuale ~ sensual. So much better than the English version.

5. affascinante ~ literally fascinating, charming. A beautiful word to describe a person or thing that irresistibly draws you in.

6. porcheria ~ filth, dirt, muck. This word comes from the word porco (pig), and is great for when you want to call something really gross, especially in a moral sense.

7. sussurrare ~ to whisper. Ah, so perfect a word for what it describes...

8. azzurro ~ light blue.

9. aurora ~ dawn. Not just the time of day, but also the color and sensation, also in a figurative sense. One of the most beautiful words.

10. cretino ~ idiot, nitwit. Quite literally cretin. I love this word to describe a fool.

11. luna ~ moon.

12. ninfea ~ waterlily.

13. vendemmia ~ grape harvest. But that's not all, also a season, a celebration.

14. farfalla ~ butterfly.

15. amore ~ love. The real thing.

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Jennifer said...

luna, amore and porcheria are on my list too.