Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hello. After years I am resurrecting this blog.

I want/need to write right now, the way I needed it when I wrote here. The thought of a venture into a new blog is too daunting and too wasteful for now. And I have never retired this blog, because I actually still get emails time to time from readers who happen upon it. I just need a place to write. I need a journal, and in essence everything I wrote here before seems like a journal to me. Like looking back inside of my head or into the world as it was when I wrote it. I want to do that again for a while. It is cathartic. Here is as good as anywhere else. I have become forgetful.

There will be no rehashing, no explanation of what happened in the interim, no catch-up. Just me here right now needing to write this shit down and maybe read it someday when I forget. Life is really good right now, and really mysterious. I need to remember.

So here I am again. Glad I finally got around to it today. Yes. I am.

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